Make money on a Minecraft server !

We offer a simple and convenient itemshop where you can sell ranks, items, permissions, and much more!

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Why ShopMC?

There are many itemshops on the market, but none is as simple and convenient as ours.

Free plan

The free plan allows selling without any extra costs with a 5% commission on each transaction.

Easy to use

Just a few clicks are enough to configure the shop that is hosted on our servers (SaaS model).


We have created a plugin that allows you to automatically send commands to the server.


Templates available on our github repository are fully customizable and easy to use.

No limits

In ShopMC, there are no limits on the number of servers, products, or revenues.

SaaS Model

With SaaS Model, you don't have to worry about hosting, updates, or security.


Customize the plan to your needs and start earning on your server.


for growing servers

Unlimited income
Stripe payments
We are hosting for you
Templates, Promotions, Plugin

for demanding servers

Everything from Free Plan
External payment operators
Own domain connection
Shop API access
Custom offer

for large servers

Everything from Pro Plan
Custom shop page
Individual integrations
User experience analysis (UX)
* Until the end of the year (2023), each user has the Pro plan activated in the Beta phase.

Payment operators

You can accept payments using your favorite methods


Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions.

How does earning on a Minecraft server work?

Earning on a Minecraft server involves creating engaging gaming experiences for players and offering them the opportunity to purchase virtual items or services for real currency. This can be achieved through the sale of ranks, cosmetic in-game items, and access to exclusive features, thereby generating revenue for the server owner.

What is so special about ShopMC?

With us, you can set up your store in literally 5 minutes. The configuration is lightning-fast, and further store management is very intuitive. Our advantage in the market of itemshops lies in simplicity, ease of use, and easy communication with administration.

Is ShopMC in compliance with Mojang guidelines?

Creating an Itemshop is allowed according to Mojang rules, as long as it does not offer items that provide an unfair advantage. Appropriate configuration and management of items in ShopMC is the responsibility of the owners of Minecraft servers.

Where can errors be reported?

Errors can be reported on our Discord Community.